December 11th, 2004

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Water Hold Me Down (Part 13)

Given my massive rant about Hell's Bells yesterday, people might be a little surprised to see that this section actually goes relatively lightly on the Scoobs as a whole.

Oh, a quick warning: This part does make reference to Whisper, which remains now and always my favorite child of all my fics. Faith isn't in it and (surprising given my S7 BtVS hate) it takes place right after Him.

There is an AU element in that the Magic Box was rebuilt (I started writing before S7 started airing, so I was Jossed just slightly, but it was minor enough that I didn't bother changing it). Spike fans might be interested in one of the few instances where I've actually written (or rather, attempted to write) Spike. It's one of those stories that a lot of people missed when it was first posted because I was new to Buffy fanfic, but thanks to some recent recs and awards (and it's won a surprising many of them over two years), people are finding it again. I always get a warm *squeeee* when I get FBed for it.

I have to admit, one of my favorite passages that I've ever written comes from Whisper, which you can find here in Snippet 4.

[I have to seriously thank othercat for recommending it...I want to rec something for the Rec Tree that mpoetess has, but I have no idea what to put forward because many of the stories are so good. I'm honored to be included. *hugs*]

However, you don't have to read Whisper to understand what's going on. All the information you need to know for the purposes of this story is included in this part.

Since Whisper makes use of Into the Woods as something of a template, I had to use this song for today's download. Plus, it fits the part.

Continued from Part 12


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DOWNLOAD (good for seven days): No One Is Alone from Into the Woods