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Scribblings by Lizbeth
A lie on the throne is a lie still, and truth in a dungeon is truth still.
December 28th, 2004 
Jeff_Annie_Remedial Chaos Theory

Still apartment-mucking (knew I should've done fall cleaning), so I still haven't managed email at all. I'm hoping after The Amazing Race. (Go Gus and Hera!)

In a way, I'm kind of glad. I don't think I'll be able to stand watching the news reports from Southeast Asia. I'm trying to wrap my head around the number 52,000 and I just can't. The closest I can come to a comparison is if my entire hometown of Waltham with its 59,000-plus men, women, and children got washed out to sea. 

Thanks to bluegreensmoke for recommending the American Friends Services Committee as a place to send your donations. They are a fine group of people and worthy of support. When I was a reporter, if you needed to know anything about the long term needs in any city or region, these folks were always on the front lines. I luvs me the Quakers. If I wasn't such a Unitarian at heart, I'd've signed on with these people. Well, that, I'm not what you'd call a pacifist. They'll find the cracks that get missed (in my experience they usually do) and work towards long-term recovery efforts (they tend to focus on that). 

Now, on to the story. I'm actually really pleased with this part. Anya and Xander. Buffy and Faith. Two conversations that change everything.

I had so much fun writing this.

Continued from Part 15.


Part 16Collapse )

DOWLOAD (good for seven days): The Dark Night of the Soul by Loreena McKennitt

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