March 19th, 2005

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Water Hold Me Down (Part 18)

Ahhhh, it's been awhile, hasn't it? The scary part is, I'll be posting the part after this later this week.

First, let us frist give hjcallipygian a big round of applause. Without him, you'd still be waiting for this part. Please go show your love here

Also, don't forget, the DarkXander FanFiction List has been updated as of last night. Hooray! It's a very long list, so dive right on it.

Now, to catch everyone up. When last we saw our heroes:

Xander's Alternative Reality: Zihuataneo, California, December 2015

  • Anya had convinced a reluctant Xander to follow her husband, other Xander, on one of other Xander's nighttime strolls. She promised to help him find his way back to his home reality in exchange for his services.
  • Xander, who's pretty much convinced he's hallucinating, well, everything, followed other him to a cemetery and staked a handful of vamps sneaking up on other Xander.
  • Other Xander, blissfully unaware that Xander had followed him, used a bunch of vampires for target practice with his trusty bow and arrow and (thanks to Xander) was leaving the cemetery feeling mighty good about himself.
  • Other Faith followed Xander who was following other Xander to the cemetery and watched both Xanders do their thing. She decided to do more spying to figure out what's going on before springing into action.

Confused? It's okay. You can check out the previoius part here.

Meanwhile, Back in Cleveland:

  • Faith figures waaaaay too many people are relyng on her to keep them steady. She's not pleased when Giles assigns her to Xander-saving because she doesn't have an emotional stake in the problem.
  • The kidnappers responsible for sending Xander to an alternative reality are under lock and key while the denizens of the Mother House try to figure out a way to reverse the spell that sent him away. But first, they have to actually find him.
  • Buffy thinks she she knows what kind of alternate universe the kidnappers may have stashed Xander in.
  • Willow's plagued by nightmares that cause her to lash out. She has to figure out if she's under attack before she can help bring Xander home.

Which is the nutshell summary of where things stood when last we saw Our Heroes.

But really, you should read the previous part here.

Just for the record: When you're writing a story part to Johnny Cash's version of Hurt you know it's not going to be a happy part.

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