April 17th, 2005

Jeff_Annie_Remedial Chaos Theory

PAL-a-thon Entry: No Myth, 4/?

Ahhhh, this part has it all!

Blatant OOC actions by canon characters! Inconsistent characterization of all characters involved! Bad dialogue! Random praise for a too-too precious OC! Meaningless violence. CAPSLOCS OF RAGE! And, of course, the DREADED MARY SUE!

However will our heroes get out of this one? Will Zander finally discover that Inez is truly the 1 4 him?!111!!1 Will there be kiss-y face before this part is over? But most importantly...will Faith defeat the threat posed by June and Louise to her best friend status?


i kant tel u. u haf 2 reed 2 find out. Heeeeeee!1!1!!!!!~

Flames are welcome. Threats of violence against the author eagerly accepted. Accusations of plaigarism are fully expected. Make this kerfluffle an awesome one!

If we're really good, maybe we'll score the Holy Grail of fanficdom: An entry on Fandom_Wank!

And yes, this part caused me physical pain to write. *dramatic back of hand to forehead* How I suffer for my art!!11~!!!

Previous part here.


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