April 29th, 2005

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FIC: Dismay (BtVS; PG)

And so I continue on my quest to rescue my fics from The Pit of Voles aka Fanfiction DOT Net.

Thanks to d_tepes, who emailed them his share of questions, it turns out that it doesn't matter if you credit or not or only use a few lines or not. Anything you didn't write (the specific guidance mentions songs, but I suspect that it's about to expanded to books and other published works as well) and isn't in the public domain is a no-no and is grounds for nuking your account.

That means I better rescue Whisper this weekend, since Chapter 33 in that fic needs to have lyrics summarily yanked tonight. I'm not going to bother re-writing. I'm just going to cut the lyrics and have a nice little author's note at the top of the chapter. Whisper is already archived several places, but I probably should bring it here and finish putting it up at autoarchives like I Need a Parrot (also have to fix the formatting on what I do have there) and Slayer Fanfic Archive.

By the way, if anyone else can point me to an auto-archive, I'd be ever-so-grateful. Thanks.

Anyway, Dismay remains one of two of the strangest stories I've ever put out there (and both my strange stories are supposedly B/X...ummmm...sort of...)

  • It's the only first-person narrative you'll find in my portfolio.

  • It's the only story where I've written Xander as someone in the early stages of alcoholism, although in this story he hits rock bottom with a defeaning thud.

  • It's the only story where some of the positive feedback on the story made me cringe. One typical piece of FB: "Gud. Zander knows how Spiek feels abut beeing uzd by Bufy. Buffys a bitch who just uses people and Zander mad funn of Spiek and help abusing Spike and makeing him fel stupid. Tehy too belong togehter." My response (never sent): "Way to miss the point there! And where did you learn to spell? Let me know when you get out of second grade." (Yes, I'm being mean. *snerk*)

Dismay was supposed to be a second part in a B/X round-robin story and ended up being a stand-alone. The first story, called Disbelief by Wicked Raygun was posted to the BX_Fanfic Yahoo Group in the spring of 2003. He issued a RR challenge to get these two crazy kids together. I immediately volunteered for story two, wrote it up, and sent it to him. Wicked adored it and gave me his blessing to post it to the list. I cackled with glee. He cackled with glee. We were setting up quite the scenario he and I. I couldn't wait to see who picked up the baton.

The story was greeted with stunned silence.

There were a few tepid remarks. One person from that list very politely asked me, "Are you sure you're in the right group, honey? Because a story like this is not what we want here. We were expecting something better. Did you read the rules? No bashing Buffy or Xander and you did both. We want something romantic and this...well this story is not good. Thank you for playing. Don't try this again." Those words were not used (like I said, she was very polite), but that was pretty much the gist of this feedback.

Now, what kills me is that it's pretty damn clear that I'm not bashing anyone, especially if you read the scenario set up by Wicked in Disbelief. I was literally following his lead and I even ran the story right by him to make sure it was what he wanted.

At any rate, Dismay was summarily ignored, someone else wrote a new second part that went over better with the audience, and I think it even went into a third part, although I'm not sure on that. Dismay has floated by itself ever since, although I always do my best to link back to Wicked's story.

Now comes the ironic part: Of all the stories I've written, this one tends to crop up on a lot of, "Does anyone remember this story?" lists. No kidding. At least two dozen times in the last two years, I've stumbled across people asking: "Does anyone know the title or have the link to a story with ths plot? I've been trying to find it and I can't!"

Whenever I volunteer that it's me and I give them a link, the response is, "You? You wrote something like this?"

Ayup. I can't believe it either.

Anyway, here it is. Story two in my saving the puppies from the Pit of Voles Project:

Title: Dismay
Author: Lizbeth Marcs
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: Rated PG-13 for vague hints of sexual intercourse, drunkenness, and if you’re really sensitive about religious issues.
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by FOX, written and produced by Mutant Enemy, which means none of the characters within are mine.
Summary: Xander deals with aftermath of a one-night stand by talking to the only person who might be willing to listen, and he’s not even sure about that. Post S7.
Pairing B/X, but not romantic. Makes reference to A/X.
Warning: Was originally written early S7. Is now standing as an AU.</p>
Author’s Note Was originally written in early S7 as a response to a challenge by Wicked Raygun to his story Disbelief. It has since received minor tweaking to reflect the time immediately following post-Chosen.

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