July 16th, 2005

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The Book Seller's Eye-View on HP Madness...no spoilers

Everyone's squeeeing about the book, so I won't do it here.

But, please do imagine me squeeing.

My favorite book before this was PoA. I think HBP equals it and may even top it. JKR must have all of Joseph Campbell's books in her library. While I've always seen the influence, this is the first time it's slapped me in the face.

Plus, it seems this book showcases the most controlled writing I've ever seen from her. I admit, her technical writing style isn't the greatest, but the writing in this book is the tightest it's ever been. Where once she would've gone on for pages about this (already known) character or another, or even this incident or another, this time she gets information and characterization across using a few key scenes spread throughout the book.

It's probably her most confident book in the series. I think it's helped by the fact that I had zero quibbles with the characterizations or interactions. There really is nothing in this book that took me by surprise on that front since a lot of this stuff was built in from the beginning. Of course, it helps that I like all of the characters equally (even the bad ones, I like them for what they are). So no bitching from me. I didn't think anyone was treated unfairly.

And so ends my discussion of the book before I cross into spoiler territory.

Anyway, on to the "Book Seller's Eye-View of HP Madness."

I survived the Harry Potter tsunami. (Obviously.)

I think I got home somewhere around 3 a.m. after working in my Borders's Harry Potter Party. So, I tumbled into bed waaaaaay too exhausted to read more than the first chapter. Then I fell asleep with my nose in the book.

Needless to say, I read the whoooooole thing today. A task, I have to admit, that was not helped by George the Amazing lovebird, who spent the day trying to chew the book, lick me to death, sitting in my Jade tree and chirping at the birds outside at the top of his birdy lungs, and generally buzzing me because my nose was in a book when I wasn't making him happy by playing with him.

At any rate, I suspect I'll be re-reading it the rest of the week before I lend it to my darling brother on Saturday.

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