August 22nd, 2005

Jeff_Annie_Remedial Chaos Theory

I may be a cynic on the surface, but I'm an optimist at heart. Here's why.

All issues with forceoftheblow have been settled amicably. I want to thank notamistake aka wickedslayer for immediately responding to my email and being willing to work our differences out.

The long and short of it:

forceoftheblow is still up and running and will remain so as long as the RPers wish to continue it.

Revelations has been credited as being the source story for the RP and I've received credit on the RP's info page and LJ page with links back here and to the story itself.

I really want to thank notamistake aka wickedslayer for being responsive to my concerns and for being a real stand-up all-around LJ-er for immediately rectifying the situation with zero argument.

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So, happy endings all around since we all get what we really wanted out of the deal.

I look forward to seeing where forceoftheblow goes from here, since I suspect their storytelling path will look very different from where I had planned to go with it.

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This particular case with forceoftheblow falls into the 1%, primarily because of the unique circumstances around the follow-up stories for Revelations and partially because the people involved with forceoftheblow were willing to work with me to iron out my issues.

Which kind of leads me to the second part of this post. *wince*

Unless you're interested in this information, you can skip this part. I'm only putting it here because people have asked when/if the Where Fools Go series is ever going to be picked up again.

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Right. Enough blather about Revelations. The reason why I felt I had to explain the story's background was so I could explain how I ended up with the bizarre situation I got into with the Where Fools Go series.

It's something of a cautionary tale. I made some seriously newbie fanfic writer mistakes right from the start that are pretty stereotypical and ended up hamstringing myself in some pretty serious ways.

Again, if you're intersted or you think it might help you in seeing the mistakes I made, just click on the cut. It's definitely not a must-read for anyone.

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Anyway, that's why Where Fools Go has been abandoned. And that's why I can't let anyone else have it (lord knows, I've been asked).

And if you read this whole tl;dr screed of mine, you can also see why Revelations is a unique situation and why I readily reached an agreement with forceoftheblow.

It is an old story. I can't do anything more with it.

But I like the idea even more that someone is still fond of the story and remembered that it exists.

Since everything turned out very well in this case, and since myself and forceoftheblow came to an equitable and satisfactory agreement, I can say that, when all is said and done, it really is quite a compliment.

So thank you for that.
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