October 1st, 2005

Jeff_Annie_Remedial Chaos Theory

Writing Issues...

*meeps on seeing replies to my last post*

Ummmm, lots of reaction there.

*hides under bed*

RL, please slow down. I didn't realize I'd get a reaction like that.

While RL has been bad and keeping me away from the computer and writing, on the other hand, RL has been good for keeping me away from the computer and writing.

I've got to make some choices here, and a little time with State Fair cheezy love has helped with some perspective.

Acme problems
I'm deeply unhappy with Buffy's big reveal in Acme Heartbreak Repair Kit.

Well, not the reasons for Buffy's in-over-her-head descent into the demon underworld of Rome, because she has some damn fine reasons. (That Book Andrew mentioned in the last part wasn't just for show...) Execution is making me cranky. I've fiddled, fussed, and beat at it and I'm still discontented.

I know why. I feel like a big ol' baby whining about this.

I want to keep writing Water Hold Me Down. That's what's distracting me in a very bad way. I'm staring at Water like I'm a kid in a candy store with no money before sighing and picking at Acme.

Drowning in Water
I simply don't like leaving Water hanging where I did. It grates. It would grate me as a reader and it's grating me as a writer. I had momentum on Water and the fingers still want to work that story.

booster17? I hope you don't mind, but I've got to take a step back from Acme. I'm in a position where I'm working on nothing right now because I keep getting yanked back to Water and it's not a happy position for me to be in. I will get back to Acme, but I suspect it's a blow-uppy story and I can't get into two at the same time.

Setting story priorities
So, my next fic post will go back to Water and I will finish Water first. I have to. The story isn't letting me go and it's starting to haunt me while I'm falling asleep to the exclusion of sanity.

Yes, yes. I know it sounds crazy and I know it sounds like I've gone right around the bend, but it's reached the point of head-explosion.

So, my order of business (because I have too damn many stories started and not enough finished):

Water Hold Me Down

No Myth (needs to be slightly re-written to match Water)

The Acme Heartbreak Repair Kit

Discovering the Truth About the Wizard of Oz

Please note: None of these stories are abandoned. But right now, I'm turning into one of those fanfic writers I hate. You know the one: The one who never finishes WiPs. I don't want to be that writer, so I'm going to go with my gut and finish the story that keeps whispering to me.

I apologize to everyone who is waiting for any of these stories. I appreciate your patience and your perserverance on all of these.

Decisions about the Africander Soundtrack
I know people voted for liner notes, but they are, quite frankly a mess. Work on Acme pretty much tells me I don't have enough time in RL to do a good job of them. I've overcomitted on the story front and RL doesn't go away because I want more time to work on fanfiction.


*deep breath*

I'm going to post it without liner notes in a couple of weeks. Formatting the post for the soundtrack takes time (especially for a two-CD set). I need to create links of where you can buy the CDs or support the artists and I need to make sure the formatting is easy to read on LJ. Then I have to figure out the zipped bundles for each part (how large, number of songs per bundle, etc.)

Some of you have heard "scratch tracks" of the soundtrack, but the order has changed, some songs were added and others were dropped. It's as strong as it's ever going to get at this point. Song-wise, I think it's an interesting mix. But it's been 9 months. If I haven't birthed good liner notes by now, it's not going to happen.

Plus, whiskyinmind did such awsome covers for the CDs that it's a shame they're lurking on my harddrive.

So, yeah, by the end of October, one 2-CD Africander Soundtrack coming right up.

Finally, I beg for an MP3 that I think I lost when my last computer died
Since I'm carrying Water again, I need to request a song for the soundtrack. I (unbelievably) don't have this one, and I thought sure that I did. Especially since I was writing an upcoming part with the idea that I did have it.

Does anyone out there have Dolly Parton's bluegrass cover of 'Stairway to Heaven'?

Pretty please?

With sugar on top?
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