October 8th, 2005


SOUNDTRACK: Xander in Africa — World on Fire

Welcome to Disc One of my Xander in Africa soundtrack, Xander in Africa: World on Fire.

I grant you (very readily) that not all of the songs are from Africa. The first disc has songs that are primarily in English. Disc Two (coming later this weekend) will have more world music on it.

The mix on this CD was specifically designed to have an overall mournful or meditative tone with bright splashes of optimism interspersed throughout the 18 tracks. These tracks were chosen to reflect a post-Sunnydale Xander attempting to make his way through the world for the first time without any safety net, a task made harder by the fact that he's still in mourning for everything he's lost. The bright splashes of optimism are external, the source being the Slayers and allies he picks up along the way. Harsher tracks are meant to evoke the struggle of trying to survive difficult conditions with little or no outside help. The disc ends on a vaguely hopeful note, with Xander both overwhelmed by his responsibilities, but vowing to keep fighting.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't give it up for whiskyinmind who designed the gorgeous cover art for discs one and two.

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SOUNDTRACK: Xander in Africa — Alegria

Welcome to Disc Two of my Xander in Africa soundtrack, Xander in Africa: Alegria.

Again, I grant you (very readily) that not all songs are from Africa, but this CD is chock full of world music. I've posted translations for the lyrics whenever possible, but, alas, there are five tracks that remain untranslated. I did my best, but all my Google-fu skills over the past 10 months have come to naught. Truthfully, 10 months ago, the number of untranslated songs was a lot higher.

The songs on this CD are, in general, a lot more upbeat and, in some cases, downright playful, than the track selection on Disc One to reflect the generally more upbeat emotional design.

The CD opens by carrying on the more meditative sound of the first CD, even if the lyrics are notably more upbeat. [Interesting side note: the Gayatri Mantra is believed to be the oldest known mantra. Fans of the new Battlestar Galactica series will recognize it from the miniseries.] This is to reflect Xander beginning to let go of past baggage and learning to be comfortable in his own skin as he operates on his own.

The middle leg of the CD reflects a crisis that interrupts this happy interlude, one big enough that Xander and his allies have to fight it. It ends in victory, but as everyone celebrates around him, Xander himself has too much experience to really enjoy it since he knows there's always another battle.

The ending leg should (hopefully) illustrates Xander continuing with his work in Africa, but as the network and Slayers gain more confidence and experience, he begins to feel the tug back home to his friends. The overall arc ends with several Slayers accompanying Xander back to London where his friends are waiting for him.

Heh. Even in a soundtrack, I can't resist a happy ending.

Once more, applause for whiskyinmind who designed the gorgeous cover art for discs one and two.

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