November 18th, 2005

Jeff_Annie_Remedial Chaos Theory

BtVS S4 for under $20

Ahhhhh, 'tis a buyer's market for BtVS sets.

I bought the first three seasons at a discounted rate waaaaay back in the day when they were first released. Let's hear it for a cross between an employee discount and sneakiness with Never paid over $30 for BtVS S2 or BtVS S3. S1 was gotten new for the cost of a used set now ($19).

I said I'd buy S4 and S5 if I could get them for under $20 each, under $24 each with shipping.

Only way I'd take S6 and S7 is if I got them for $5, including shipping.



BtVS S4 for $19.50, $22 with shipping.

I rock.

People are really dumping their BtVS sets for like, totally cheap to pay for that "Chosen" collection. Buyers market right now.

*waits like a vulture on S5*
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