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Scribblings by Lizbeth
A lie on the throne is a lie still, and truth in a dungeon is truth still.
December 20th, 2005 
Jeff_Annie_Remedial Chaos Theory
As it turns out, we are all somehow and in someway members of the Unitarian Jihad.

Don't forget to use your Code Name when emailing and calling your relatives for this holiday season.

Be sure to use lots and lots of tigger words. Maybe even take Mao's Little Red Book out of the local library.

And when the NSA comes a-knockin' on your door to have a chat about what you've been up to, and to determine if the Unitarian Jihad has any connection to those skeery Quakers and other domestic terrorist movements, make sure to offer the boys some milk and cookies.

Because shitting on the Constitution...it be hard work.

And just as a side note: Is anyone else concerned that a U.S. Senator feels that it's necessary to point out that a copy of his letter of protest against domestic spying operations will be kept in a sealed envelope in the secure spaces of the Senate Intelligence Committee to ensure that there is a record of of it?

And don't forget, back in April 2004, the Preznut promised us all that he was getting the warrants and following the law when employing wiretaps. Considering that the FISA Court hands out wiretapping warrants like they were candy, not much of a comfort at all. Still, getting a warrant even 72 hours after wiretapping has been initiated is better than just not bothering to get a warrant at all.

But then again, when you're nailing Greenpeace, Catholics, and Vegans in your wiretaps, chances are the FISA Court is going to, well, laugh you out of court for even going there.

As good ol' girl Molly Ivans points out, what we got children is a good, old-fashioned Constitutional crisis on our hands.

Know what I hate about this U.S. Administration? The fact that every time I think I've layered too much tinfoil in my hat, it turns out that I'm not nearly paranoid enough.

ETA: My paranoia isn't helped when even the professional spooks are spooked.

To paraphrase Susan Ivanova of Babylon 5 fame, Even the Vorlons have gone to ground. When that happens, you know you're in trouble.
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