February 3rd, 2006


Africander Fic: Facing the Heart In Darkness; Part 14/?

Urghhh. Nasty stomach bug today. *bleh*

This winter could not be more unhealthy...

Also, just some big love to speakr2customrs for his suggestion that our dear Miss Swithin just might be a closet addict of American soaps. I couldn't resist throwing it in. Thank you for the suggestion, because it works so well.

For the Scatterlings and Orphanages Africander Fiction Challenge by ludditerobot .

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Continued from Part 13.

“Yeah, it’s a good thing there’s a bunch of us around who can help with the load,” Sister Ig continued. “But Harris is pretty good at making do with what he’s got, and he’s had to make do a lot, especially at the beginning, not that it’s gotten any easier. We’ve got different issues now, and none of us have any idea how we’re going to handle it when the hammer comes down.” She spared me a glance before fixing her eyes on the road. “Harris has got a plan. If it works, it’ll solve a lot of our problems. If it doesn’t…” her voice trailed off.

I must admit, dear reader, Sister Ig’s dangling thought filled me with foreboding.


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