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Scribblings by Lizbeth
A lie on the throne is a lie still, and truth in a dungeon is truth still.
March 14th, 2006 

For the Scatterlings and Orphanages Africander Fiction Challange by ludditerobot.

For all previous parts, go here.
Continued from
Part 31.

Mr. Harris wasn’t insulted, most likely because he did not understand my reference. “Maybe. Maybe not. All I can tell you is that once I started paying attention to the moments that come after, I haven’t been wrong yet about anyone.”

I studied Mr. Harris a moment before saying, “Well, I look forward to seeing this principle of yours applied to a real-life situation.”

Mr. Harris grinned. “I’ll see what I can do about giving you a practical demonstration.”

I don't want you to be sorry. I don't need your pity. I don't need anybody's pity. All I know is that I'm tired of being controlled. Controlled by others, by fear, by my past, by what everybody else expects of me...Collapse )
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