May 10th, 2006


Shaving Your Kiwis and Giving Your Carrot an Extra Visual Inch

Sometimes I really wonder what those crazy ad agencies are thinking.

Case in point: Philips Electronics has a very large and very elaborate interactive ad for its Norelco Electric Shaver called (Ladies! Assume the Giggle Positions!) Shave Everwhere.

Allow me to sum up: Man in bathrobe using smarmy voice essentially talks about...well...shaving everywhere.

I collapsed into helpless giggles because...holy shit! This is right up there with those vaguely worded advertisments for female "freshness" if you buy this strangely shaped bottle instead of the other strangely shaped bottle. Usually these ads involve either a walk along an ocean or a herd of wild ponies running across an open plain, neither of which, in my experience, have anything to do with "freshness."

Women will get a giggle for its sheer over-the-top objectification of the target audience if only because they'll recognize this kind of tactic all too well.

Men will be deeply disturbed. All I can say is, dude, welcome to our world.

Although it's technically a work safe Website, I recommend not watching it at work because, ummm, some of the visuals are just a little too weird. Not to mention the Flash-enabled Web site is extremely elaborate.

ETA: harmfulguy points to the Norelco BG2020 Men's Bodygroom Amazon page.

desoto_hia873 quotes a fabulous example of a product review.

/dies laughing
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