May 14th, 2006


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*glub glub*

Cold and rainy and wet.

I have whiplash from the whole "it's so dry my skin is cracking" to "when did we become the stand-in for the Amazon rain forest?"

Two weeks ago, the air and land around here was so dry that we were on weather alerts due to a increase chance of fires.

Yes, you read that right.

We here in wet, wet, wet New England (wet even on our driest days) were under a Code Red Alert fire watch.

And fires there were, even if you looked at something wrong.

This little truism struck extremely close to home — as in two doors away close to home — with my 'Rents.

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Compare and contrast.

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Anyhoo, the Charles River is look more like the Charles Lake where I am. It's nowhere near close to overflowing where I live because that banks are so steep, but those banks are a lot less bank-y (for lack of a better word) than they were two days ago. Last time I saw something like this was in the fall. Yeesh. Not sure how I'll take it if this becomes part of our regular weather pattern.

The ducks, wild swans, blue herons, and Canada geese are beside themselves with joy, at least. So much more wet territory to fight over, so little time.

I promise to respond to comments tomorrow. I'm wiped and need some Zzzzzzzs. Plus the rain on the roof is very lullabye-like.
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