May 17th, 2006


Thank You Everyone

To give you an idea just how much I've not even been near a computer in a non-work related way, I only just found out that the White Knight Awards have been awarded.

[Pssssst, if anyone is interested, links to this year's nominees are still active. There are plenty of good stories in this pack that didn't get a nifty plaque.]

First, big love to whiskyinmind for taking on the weight-bearing task of running the awards, and for making the nifty plaques.

However, due to computer problems at whiskyinmind's end, she's asking everyone to please vote on the Mbuna Fish Award for Xander-in-Africa stories. There are some excellent nominees in the group, so go give some love.

Also, congrats to everyone on my FList who won something good: annakovsky, bastardsnow, bellatemple, crazydiamondsue, entrenous88, gumboy, janedavitt, jgracio, ludditerobot, lwbush, m_mcgregor, manylancast, whiskyinmind (for the I Need A Parrot site), naol, nwhepcat, flyingcarpet, speakr2customrs, wesleysgirl, and xxmagex.

I think that's everyone. If I missed you, please let me know.

Now for my pretties!

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Congrats again Everyone!
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