July 8th, 2006


Multi-Fandom Character Mini-Soundtrack Project Is Complete

As of 10:30 p.m. this evening, The Multi-Fandom Character Mini-Soundtrack Project was completed in it's entirety.

Total Statistics for the Multi-Fandom Character Mini-Soundtracks Project
Total Soundtracks Completed: 38
Total Songs Uploaded: 114

Note: All files will be available for download until at least August 8, although many files will most likely be available for longer than that, depending on downloading patterns.

Once the links expire to the files, I will not refresh the files. I will post periodic reminders that these soundtracks are here until the files begin to expire.

All are welcome to take the files since they are all now publically available for download.

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To view the complete list of songs available, download the MP3 files associated with the Multi-Fandom Character Mini-Soundtrack Project, and leave a comment click here.

Please comment if you download anything. Multiple comments on the same post are welcome and appreciated.
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