September 29th, 2006


Music From the Cube: What Am I Listening To Today?

I supsect that a lot of people on my FList are already hip to Blue October (the band from Texas and not the techno-ambient band from the U.K. which has the same name) and their new release Foiled. I figured I might as well pimp some of the band's back catalogue 'cause if all you have is Foiled, man, you are missing out.

I decided to do my little salute to Blue October in anticipation for getting my grubby paws on their latest CD, Foiled (Amazon tells me it's en route). Since I have every CD they've released through Universal Records, I figured I'd give everyone a mega retrospective all in one go. (I should add, no, I do not have their independently released debut album The Answers in my collection. Just their major label releases.)

As a result, there are a ton of MP3 samples for you to try out from this band. I'm very sure that at least one MP3 (pointedly does not look at 'Balance Beam') will not only get you hooked on Blue October, but will send you running to Amazon to snap up all four of their CDs without another thought.

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