September 30th, 2006


Red Dwarf S1: Confidence and Paranoia Clip

Thanks again to janedavitt for not only pointing me to DVD ripping software, but also for pointing me to Google Video so I could finally upload this.

You might remember my Buffy-verse Guilty Pleasure on S5's 'The Replacement'. This is the S1 Red Dwarf episode I compared it to, 'Confidence and Paranoia.'

Side Note: janedavitt been sharing the Red Dwarf love lately through her LJ. Go and show her some love for spreading the word on this bit of awesome.

I only uploaded a 10-minute clip, but it's the bit that best explains the comparison between Red Dwarf's 'Confidence and Paranoia' and Buffy's 'The Replacement.' I know it skips a few frames in the middle, but it's only so I could fit everything I wanted in a 10-minute time-frame.

It's under the cut. Enjoy!

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On another front, RL has me tied up in knots at the moment, so actual think-y posts are short on the ground. Mostly because my brain is fried beyond belief.
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