October 1st, 2006


Reminder: Dark Xander Fic-A-Thon October 8

One week countdown reminder...

Title: Dark Xander Fic-A-Thon Open Invite
Due Date: October 8
What Is It: A Xander-centric Fic-A-Thon where you can write anything from an evil Xander to a Xander who's in an evil situation

Who's Hosting It: liz_marcs
Who's Invited: Everyone
What's Allowed: Just about everything, with two outstanding exceptions (see rules)

Fic-A-Thon Format: Open. There are no assignments or "fic trading." Jump in at any time if you decide that you want to play.

Link to the Fic-A-Thon Rules: http://liz-marcs.livejournal.com/196902.html

Feel free to pimp this fic-a-thon. You don't have to be on my friend's list or even on LJ to play.

I hope to see you there!
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