October 27th, 2006


Two BtVS fanfic pimps...

Underwater at work, but I promised myself that I would pimp iyalode's BtVS-based Xander-in-Africa drabbles here.

The Africa drabbles are still a WiP (she's planning on hitting every country), but each drabble is picture-perfect stand-alone. They are numbered, and I would recommend reading them in order to see the character arc. Go, read, and give a little love.

Warning: Although these drabbles are mostly gen, one drabble more than hints at a het pairing of Xander/OC.

Also on the BtVS fanfiction-front, I had five seconds to glance at my FList this morning and caught this from othercat. Using the the six-word sentence style everyone is now so mad about, she constructs an entire story in 66 words.

Check out Epic Dark Fic in Sixty-Six Words. She manages to pull off more in less than 100 words than most people can pull off in 10,000. Fabulously dark, more for what it hints at than in what it actually says. To say more would give it away.

Warning: What's hinted at is slash Spike/Xander, but with one of them an unwilling participant. Even if you're slash-phobic, check this one out anyway. You won't be at all sorry.