January 9th, 2007


Intreresting Links of the Day

via audiography: CDs may be going the way of the Dodo, some whining about the future of the music industry as people more and more go to electronic formats.

However, there appear to be some some bright spots on the horizon, including "subscription" music services like Rhapsody and Emusic that allow unlimited access to songs for a monthly fee, as opposed to Apple's "per track" business model. There also appears to be a growing resurgence in the beauty that is the vinyl record among true audiophiles seeking sound quality.

via twistedchick and jebbypal: Getty images is tracking down people who have infringed on their copyright and aggressively going after them.

If you've raided Getty for icons or for your fansite and haven't ponied up a penny, you might want to start yanking down those pictures...as in yesterday.

Finally, Will Wheaton has his latest ST: TNG DVD commentary up at TV Squad. C'mon, people. It's for Part II of 'Encounter at Farpoint.' As always, expect a good time reading it.

I Am, It Appears, Easy to Please

God knows everyone on my FList linked to this piece of Guh! (Spoilery for the BtVS comics since it's the Issue 2 cover.)

What d'ya know. It went from Web page to desktop wallpaper in .02 seconds flat.

What? Stop looking at me like that.

Still calling it comics!canon. And I'll wait on other people's thoughts on the series before I plunge into buying anything.

But, I appear to be ridiculously easy to please. The cover honestly makes me squee.

I am obviously full of squee today.

Edit: Squeeee! Lookit what ponders_life gave me!