February 6th, 2007


Talk Dirty to Me: Top 5 OTPs Ever

Just so you know? I'm doing this on a dare.

See, I was talking to a friend I met through fandom waaaaaaaay back in the day when there was no WWW and we only had Usenet to keep the fanwank flying and we got on the subject of shippers and shipping and our general frustration that sometimes that kind of thing gets in the way.

Then, just as we were about to break our own arms patting our own backs, we realized that, unh, we're not exactly innocent here.

So we got to talking about OTPs, or rather, our OTPs.

Then she dared me to come clean. In public. In front of all my present-day fandom buddies. There may have been some bribery of chocolate involved. I'm not sure. By the time we reached the triple-dog-dare level, I knew I was beat.

So here, with pictures, are my Top 5 OTPs (Ever!) from television.

No snickering, please.

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So, talk dirty to me people.

Your Top 5 OTPs. Any television show. Any genre. Can be canon or completely fanon.

I promise not to laugh. It's not like I've got any room to do that, right?