February 7th, 2007

Jeff_Annie_Remedial Chaos Theory

Whee...Finally Updated Web Links....

Lookie! LJ has finally done something right. They've massively expanded the number of slots for a "blog roll" on S2-style LJs.

I've been meaning to update my links for awhile now. Yay! Finally done. Sadly, for every link trimmed, I added two new links. I may trim some more, I don't know.

For those who are curious, it's on the left side underneath the "Page Summary."


For an LJ that's mostly a personal bloggy thing with a heavy dose of fandom, I have an awful lot of non-fandom links there.

White Knight Awards

whiskyinmind has officially announced the The White Knight Awards Round 4 Winners.

Let me congratulate all the winners on my FList, including annakovsky, bastardsnow, crazydiamondsue, entrenous88 (Best Overall Author, chica! Double congrats!); fiareynne, keith5by5, julia_here, lit_gal, lwbush, naol, nwhepcat (And double yay! The Ballad of Carl Whitman, the Remix/Redux of my story Revelations that she wrote last year won something!); redrikki, sunnyd_lite, as well as anyone else on my Flist that I might have missed.

Here are some pretties that I got under the cut:

Collapse )

Congrats to the other winners again, and a big "thank you" to whiskyinmind for again organizing the awards and making the plaques.