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Scribblings by Lizbeth
A lie on the throne is a lie still, and truth in a dungeon is truth still.
February 13th, 2007 
It appears that a good ol' nor'easter is heading our way starting late tonight.

You know what that means. Countdown time!

I'll be over here cackling while everyone in the state goes batshit insane at the same time and starts rioting in the grocery stores. Honestly, people. We knew this was coming Sunday night. You could've started rioting in the grocery stores days ago.

Anywho, I managed to accidentally invent a crockpot recipe, mostly because the original recipe was so freakin' *blah* and I figured a little spice never hurt anyone.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have managed to invent: Crockpot Chicken Spaghetti Sauce With a Bite

I rock.

Check out my Crockpot Chicken Spaghetti Sauce With a Bite recipe under the cutCollapse )
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