February 19th, 2007

Jeff_Annie_Remedial Chaos Theory


I stayed home from work today even though I'm feeling slightly better.

I know I'm feeling better because I woke up and realized that my bathroom smelled like ass and looked worse.

[The rest of my apartment can be a sty, but goddamn that bathroom better be clean otherwise I go out of my skull.]

As I'm cleaning, I realize something:

Oh my God everything is covered in black stuff and it came from the radiators!

I then start going on a cleaning spree.

Everything is covered in fucking black!

Windows. Television. Furniture. George the Amazing Lovebird!

What the fuckety-fuck-fuck?

My CO alarm didn't go off (the light's on, I checked) My lungs are clear and I haven't hard trouble breathing. George is being as bird-y as ever.

But just the same, When the hell did this happen?

Obviously it came from the damn furnace but I'm flummoxed.

Thank God the day is warmish because windows are open while I'm scrubbing everything in sight (I'm only half-done).

I don't know if me feeling sick-ish for the past week has anything to do with anything because I was feeling icky at work as well with chills.

But ho-leee shit.

It's too late to call the landlord, but I'm going to have to tomorrow.