February 27th, 2007


Best Plagiarism Case Evar!

Not writing, but classical music.


This one has it all: The recordings of a little-known but critical darling classical pianist were actually recordings of even lesser known classical pianists. Although it's unclear whether the late Joyce Hatto was in on it, her husband finally confessed yesterday that he did steal other people's performances and put them under his wife's name. To cover his tracks, he'd either speed up or slow down the recording during the transfer process.

He was finally busted by, of all things, by the meta data displayed on iTunes.

Neil Gaiman has more details here. (Funny how writers seem to be very interested in this case.) Here's the detailed article he links to. Here's the husband's confession.

Classics Today has the whole story, too. (Scroll down to "Editorials" to get the scoop.)

All articles have links to other Web sites where dedicated audiophiles and classical music fen are building the evidence against the late Mrs. Hatto and tracking down the original artists. Here's the main page detailing the investigation at Pristine Classical.

It's...it's...the real life version of stop_plagiarism.

I'm so verklempt. *sniff*

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And the FList goes wild!

*blinks at FList*

There appears to be an NB estrogen fest on LJ today.

*dies of giggling*

Man, I love you guys.

entrenous88 has NB's tragic taste in hats covered.

crazydiamondsue has NB and his glasses of many colors covered.

zandra_x has shirtless and wifebeaters covered.

The comments are a hoot. The women are coming out in droves to giggle and drool.

Have I mentioned I love you guys? 'Cause I really, really do...