March 16th, 2007


Meme for a head-achy kind of day

Dear Mother Nature,

Please be explaining why I have a huuuuuuge allergy-related headache while there's friggin' snow getting dumped on our asses. Snow =/= seasonal allergies. Kthnxbi.


Dear DayLightSavingsTime,

I cannot seem to bring my body clock in sync with you and my brain is starting to hurt from lack of sleep. I hate you, just on general principle.


Dear UncaSam,

Yes, I will attack my tax-related paperwork this weekend. However, I will not be entering the figures into TurboTax quite yet. See, my weekend schedule looks sucktrastic and has since, oh, Monday.


Dear Apartment,

Why can't you clean your own damn self?


Dear GeorgetheAmazingLoveBird,

It's time for you to earn your birdie keep. Clean your own damn cage.


Dear Flist...

Ummm, nothing mean to say to any of you. I swear. I just got this cool meme that I picked up from...somewhere. I forget where.

Here's the Sekrit Rools:

  • Go to YouTube
  • Enter the date of your birth
  • Pick one to three music videos from the list

All I can say is, "Ph34r m3! For my YouTube choices will make you cheer, and then make you cry, and then probably make you go blind."

Here's what I got:

Collapse )