April 1st, 2007


Lizbeth Rewatches Battlestar Galactica — 1978: Saga of a Star World

As some of you may (or may not) know, I decided to cut back on the Netflixing and rewatch the DVDs I actually own (as well as rewatch other people's DVDs).

At any rate, I had just finished rewatching Battlestar Galactica the new series up until 'Lay Down Your Burdens' (as a sidenote, if you re-watch the first two seasons back-to-back without a break, Season 3, especially 'Crossroads,' makes a whole fuckload of sense...but I'm getting away from the subject...)

Once I finished up the new Battlestar Galactica, I cast my eye around to find out which new series I was going to watch. Lo and behold, my eye fell upon the next series I owned. It just so happened to look like this:

Oh, Lordy me.  What's a girl to do?

Could I dive back into the the 1970s, cold war paranoia, Mormon recruitment tool that was, in fact, the original Battlestar Galactica with its reach-for-the-Emmy moments, lines that go *thunk* in the night, men with pretty-pretty hair, questionable physics, and plots that make no sense whatsoever?

Rest assured, good people, I resisted. I resisted hard. But, no! I had made up my mind. I would grit my teeth and march boldly backwards into my childhood when Battlestar Galactica was the one fandom that ruled my heart.

And so, I started right at the beginning, with 'Saga of a Star World.'  I should note that the title for the original 2-hour and 15-minute mini-series that kicked off the regular ABC extravaganza (which was broadcast over 3 nights) was not at all evocative of Star Wars. Really.

What can I say about 'Saga of a Star World?'

Collapse )

So, it's time to keep score, peoples. In 'Saga of a Star World' we see:
  • The first sighting of a Humolon in the wild (Serena)
  • Conclusive evidence that Apollo = manpain, regardless of Battlestar incarnation
  • Proof that Starbuck always kills Zac. Frakking is optional. I think. I saw the way that  "Zac" was checking out "Starbuck," so I'm not 100% on the frakking part.
  • The roots of the "throw Boxey and that damned daggit out an airlock" fan movement.
  • A big ol' gapping hole where Laura Roslin desperately needs to be
  • Cassiopea's significant presence almost making up for no Laura. Almost.
  • Ample evidence that humanity's so stupid that it doesn't deserve to live.
  • Much more ample evidence that humanity is still alive only because the Cylons are slower and stupider, no matter what the writers keep telling us
  • Proof that Dirk Benedict can't emote for shit
And, so, class, what is our moral lesson from 'Saga of a Star World?'

"The military rools and the civilian government drools."

Read it, memorize it, love it, and live it, because you're going to get this lesson pounded into your head for the rest of the series.

I give 'Saga' a big Three Minutes of 1978 Baltar chewing the scenery while 2003 Baltar complains about how the other Baltar keeps blocking his close-up.

Fucking Taxes

Dear Uncle Sam,

Once more, you suck the big winnie. How the fuck is it possible I owe you that much in taxes?

I'm thinking that maybe you should be collecting some dough from Paris Hilton instead of trying to balance the national budget on me.

I've said it for six years running, so I'll say it again, "Tax cuts my ass."



P.S. — You can't see it, but I'm mooning you right now.


Dear Massachusetts,

I love you. You just paid most of my federal taxes (minus $50).

However, I think it's so cute how you hopefully ask me to voluntarily pay the higher tax rate when I'm done filling out the paperwork.

Don't ever change babe.



P.S. — Hugs 'n kisses always.