June 8th, 2007


More People Need to Post to LiterarySnark...

Nobody hates a bad book like someone who loves books.

I've been *ahem* pretty lucky in my reading these days, and haven't read anything that pissed me off with its badness recently. As a result, I've forgotten othercat's fabulous community literarysnark.

Then grey_bard posts this fantastic rant about Anne Bishop. Namely how it's all fluffy bunnies and PG-13 in DEMONHOOKERVILLE!

I laughed hysterically. For reals.

Then I became very sad.

We need literarysnark to be more active. There aren't a whole lotta posts there ranting about bad books.

Although one of these days, I'm gonna pull the metaphorical knife on Jacob I Have Loved. Maybe even Wuthering Heights. Yeah.

It's just like othercat sez: "Because 'Classic' Doesn't Mean 'Good.'"

Really, go to literarysnark and start ranting about those bad books. I like being entertained by irate book-lovers.

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