June 15th, 2007


This is Why Stan Lee Rawks Hard

Shhhhh, I'm not supposed to be online right now.

*looks shiftily to the right/looks shiftily to the left*

I've got a fanfic deadline I have to race to meet, so I must be on the scarce side.

Buuuuuut, I had to do my weekly check-in with scans_daily and lo and behold, there's a scan of a fabu Stan Lee-penned short story where Mr. Lee makes fun of himself and annoys The Avengers.

Remember when Marvel was fun? I mean, sure, Lee gave you angst, but he could also make you laugh yourself stupid in the same comic book. His team-ups with Jack Kirby were freakin' magic, man.

Face it, dudes and dudettes: Those Kirby poses mixed with Lee's over-the-top splash text were the shit.

Check it out. The rawkin' Mr. Lee just penned a real person fic, complete with slash-y undertones between Iron Man and Captain America.

I laughed myself stupid reading it.

Stan Lee is awesome.

We are not worthy. Nope. We're not.
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