August 15th, 2007



After spending a productive evening working on incorporating beta notes into The Last Tin Solider, I was getting lunch ready for the next day and grooving along to the radio.

Then, along comes this PSA (public service announcement for those outside of the U.S. broadcasting biz) during the commercial break. It's the third time I've heard this particular PSA over the past six months. It's also the third radio station I've heard it on, too.

I have to be honest here. I'm not actually sure what the PSA is for.

Tell me what you think:

It starts with some kind of free-form music, like the kind you'd hear at a Phish or a Medeski, Martin & Wood concert (not normally my bag, but I can groove along if I'm in the mood).

A young-ish woman's voice cuts in and says that she so desperately wanted to be "cool" that she'd go to concerts with her friends, even though she wasn't crazy about the music. All of her friends also happened to smoke pot, so they'd light up before the concert so they could chill to the groove while feeling at peace with the universe (or something like that) while the bands would work their bad, bad magic.

Eventually, she realized that she wasn't having fun. So she stopped smoking the evil weed, and she finally got the strength to tell her friends that she didn't like their music. She goes on to say that she's relieved that she can "be herself" and not have to pretend to like music that she really doesn't like any more.


Near as I can tell, the PSA seems to be saying that smoking pot makes you want to hear bands that you wouldn't want to hear if you were sober. Or is that smoking pot with your friends makes you go to concerts and listen to free-form improv music. Or maybe that toking with your buddies makes you feel obligated to listen to their crappy music.


With all the scare-tactics around pot going back to at least the 1930s, the best PSA the Partnership for a Drug-Free America come up with is that pot makes you want to listen to crappy music?

Are you kidding me?

Someone needs to seriously sit down and watch Reefer Madness (or at least listen to the off-Broadway soundtrack) so they can pick up tips on how to conduct a proper scare-mongering PSA.


Either that, or it's a really, really clever effort at sabotage.

I'm kind of hoping for sabotage, because if they're serious then I've got nothin'.

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Awesome_August J. Pollak

Why Wil Wheaton is The Man...

Just a quick bop in between running around tonight.

Read this over lunch after a fannish friend sent me the link.

Wil Wheaton on Fan Conventions. (ONOES! It links to his spot on SuicideGirls! Might have one or two vaguely NWS images to the right of the column.)

Damn. How is that man can make me feel a smidge guilty about bagging on Wesley all these years later? (Although to be fair, I didn't dislike Wes. That was reserved for Troi.)

And if you haven't read any of his essays about rewatching Star Trek: The Next Generation, you are seriously missing out on the funny.

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