November 6th, 2007


Counting Down....

Requests are now closed.

For people who still want to play the Ask a character! Game, you have one hour left from the time stamp on this post to get your request in.

In at least one hour (possibly two, depending on my schedule), I'm going to hide the post politicizing questions completely from view.

If you click on this link and you're allowed to see the contents of the post, that means you've still got time to make a request. If you're forbidden from viewing the entry, or cannot respond to a reply I made to you, that means I've closed all requests and am going ahead with what I've got.

Here's the came reminder:

Choose one cannon character or one original character that appears from any story listed here. Once you choose a character, you may ask that character one question, and I will respond as that character.

You have at least one hour from the time stamp on this post to make your request here.

Requests made on other posts will be ignored.

Requests are now closed.
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Character Question: AU-Faith, Water Hold Me Down

I'm gonna try to do one of these a day. I'm attacking them in no particular order. *wheeeeee*

All previous 'Ask the Character Questions' are listed here.

Question 1 from faith_chaos:

To AU-Faith in Water Hold Me Down (WiP): Do you think you might be happy? And if you don't, why?

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