December 18th, 2007


DS9: Yeah, we already knew war was hell...and your point?

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this episode.

It’s a heavy-handed morality play about the futility of war, which is not exactly a new concept for Star Trek to tread. Although, in this case, there’s a stinging irony that DS9 actually has an episode like this in its catalog.

I mean, it’s not like DS9 has already posed the argument that violence is sometimes necessary, right? I mean, geez, what are we supposed to believe? That the Bajoran resistance sat around knitted until the Cardassians gave up and went home? The Bajorans weren’t actually sitting around and non-violently protesting in a Ghandi-like way, were they?

And let’s not even get into the ‘war arc’ which took up more than half of the series run, shall we?

Despite my annoyance of the same-old-same-old plot that’s been done by Star Trek in all its incarnations approximately a zillion times before (not to mention the fact that DS9 has already taken the stance that wars of survival are wars of necessity — and that’s not even taking into account later seasons), there is something very cool about technology that won’t let you die as a form of punishment.

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While I remain ambivalent about the storyline for the episode, I come down on the side of liking it for what it is. Oh, not for the tired plot. It’s not engaging enough for that. But because the fall-out from this episode will be massive and lasting for everyone on Bajor and Deep Space Nine.