January 5th, 2008


One Down...

Sorry I've been scarce. I seem to be coming down with a cold...this time courtesy of my co-workers. This is what I get for taking some time off. I've lost immunity.

The good news is that my light therapy for seasonal affective disorder is working like a charm. Best. Money. Ever. Spent.

Of course, the reason why I'm still up is because I'm watching Greatest Journal implode in real time.

In essence, Greatest Journal has thrown in the towel permanently. They will no longer be accepting any new accounts, and whoever runs the site will do no maintenance at all. In short, its destiny is to become a 404.

They are telling everyone to abandon ship and go to InsaneJournal (speaking of which, I really need to harmonize my InsaneJournal with my LiveJournal). Squeaky's about to get slammed, this time with GreatestJournal users packing their bags and running for the hills.


So, anyway, GreatestJournal appears to officially and permanently out of the running as an alternate journal site.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that the macros in the comments for GreatestJournal's white flag post are hilarious.
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