August 17th, 2008


A tiny rant about newspapering...brought to you by The Wire and PTSD flashbacks....

Do you know what the Internet is awesome for?

Finding out that you're not the only one in the boat. Not to mention that said boat also has an international cast of characters.

Plus, pointers to stores that I will just have to check out when I next go clothes shopping. Yes, indeed. This will be very helpful once I find out if some of these chains have any stores in New England. (I will drive my ass to Northern Maine if I have to.)

My time online is pretty limited today. I have to actually clean some parts of my apartment. Plus, I decided to go kayaking in the late afternoon because I haven't yet done a sunset row before and it'll give me a chance to see some different wildlife on the Charles. I promise I'll try to respond to everyone.

Question about Season 5 of The Wire for people who watch it.

I was a lucky, lucky girl and got Season 5 on Tuesday, way ahead of the "official" release date. So I've already watched the whole thing.

Anyway, during one of the commentaries with Clark Johnson and William F. Zorzi (writer for The Wire and a former Baltimore Sun reporter), Johnson mentioned that he had a lot of fun learning the patois of newsroom speak, and that he was totally unaware that the normal, everyday conversation in the newsroom was so lingo-heavy.

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I honestly don't know what a daily newspaper will look like 10 years from now. I have no idea what the industry is going to look like.

All I can tell you is that current condition of daily newspapers is every bit as grim as The Wire paints it.

Take it from someone who's speaking from experience.
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