January 5th, 2009


The Theraflu Is Making My Neurons Misfire

There's a nice little Buffyverse annonymous kink meme that needs to be adopted...or have a lot more writers involved.

*beats back a Faith/Xander knifeplay bunny*

I can't believe I have a knifeplay bunny. Knifeplay.

*wonders how someone else would write it*

Down girl!

Y'all, it isn't so much that I've had writer's block, it's just that I've been carrying a heavy load of writing at work. Y'know, the kind of writing people actually pay me to do.

End result, I've been a little blank when I get home. I've been writing and re-writing things here and there on the fanfic front, but nothing's very coherent.

But dear, God almighty...

I blame the TheraFlu, Vitamin C O.D., and the fact that I'm still sick.

What was I saying?

Oh. Wait. Yes.

Please adopt-a-kink for the Buffyverse annonymous kink meme.

Photo Project: January 5, 2009

Obviously taken in the morning because the Snot Monster (that would me moi) returned to workin' for a living.

Funny. Even within 5 days, I already see a change in the landscape. For a start, the grass in the foreground is a whole lot more visible than it was on January 1.

I kind of like the warm colors of sunrise in the sky. Just FYI, this was taken shortly after 8:30 a.m., so it wasn't that early in the morning.

Below is January 5, 2009.