February 18th, 2009


Ship Manifesto List Has Been Reposted...Plus, Have I Been Here That Long?


It appears that ship_manifesto has risen from the dead, complete with a MasterList.

And check it out! My Ship Manifesto on Xander/Faith still exists!

And yes, it's pre-comic book. Which I will never consider part of the television canon (Hell, even Joss is taking the well-trod route that Star Trek, Star Wars, and many other fandoms and considers the comics separate from television canon. I say we support his contention.)

Of course, the links to fics are old-ish, and I suspect that some of them doesn't work what with fandom drift.

And, wow, it was written more than more than 3 years ago?

Holy Cow. Have I been here that long?

*checks date of joining ElJay sees following stats:*

  • Created on 2004-03-16 17:51:47
  • 27,086 comments received
  • 9,563 comments posted
  • 1,300 Journal Entries

Holy cow! I've writte that much in 4 years? And Just on ElJay?

No wonder my hands are tired...