February 23rd, 2009


The Slacktivist Continues His March on LaHaye and Jenkins...

Evangelical liberal Christian journalist Fred Clark, aka The Slacktivist, is best known for his hilarious, thorough, theological, and long-running take-down of Left Behind.

After spending several years ripping Left Behind into teeny-tiny shreds, he has now set his sights on Tribulation Force.

Title for his first entry? TF: Inaction Heroes.

Actual quote from his first entry on Tribulation Force:

For those who did read the first book, this introduction highlights how very little actually happened in Left Behind. They've condensed that 468-page book into a three-page summary mainly by leaving out the phone calls and plane rides. And while they were at it, they've provided a few revisions and additions to the plot of Book 1. This summary diverges from the actual book enough that it might have been better titled "What I Meant to Have Gone Before," or "What Would Have Gone Before If I'd Bothered With Even a Cursory Rewrite After Rattling Off a Rough Draft and Sending It to the Publisher."

In any case, if you're going to read this prologue, I suggest doing so out loud in your best imitation of a Movietone News announcer or in the voice of the narrator from an old-time matinee serial narrator -- "Meanwhile, Rayford has fallen down a well ..." That's more or less how it's written. (Plus almost anything can be fun if you read it in that voice.)


On the one hand, one wants to ask why Mr. Clark would continue to torture himself so. On the other hand: Wheeeee! Good for us!

Is it no wonder I tune into Blog Slacktivist every Friday?