April 14th, 2009


Trying Out Dreamwidth

Much thanks to thedivinegoat, I'm trying out liz_marcs on Dreamwidth.

I played a little bit with it, but already I love the set up, i.e., the use of "subscribe" to follow someone and "grant access to" to allow people to read locked entries...dropping the use of "friends" I think will kill a lot of drama.

Plus, the use of OpenID to create a "reading list" without actually having to be a member...it's a way to be OpenSource while controlling growth of actual content providers. That is a marvelous way to open up the possibilities for what I think is LJ's strongest suit: The Friends' List (called "The Reading List" on Dreamwidth).

I haven't played with it a whole lot, and I won't get much of a chance until tonight...but I'm looking forward to trying the important tool (it'll pull over everything...including comments).

Plus...no ads. (For now.)

I want more information about what getting a paid account actually does for you over there (a seed account is way above my pay grade at the moment...what with me owing taxes, my car, and kayaking season fast approaching) and I might kick some dollars into the kitty to try out the differing account levels.

So far, I like the interface and the way things have been relabeled. The relabeling was actually a surprisingly pleasing thing for me. I've always said that the "friends" nomenclature didn't much bother me on LJ, but the nomenclature on Dreamwidth (I think) really does work better for me.

You can subscribe to me over on Dreamwidth via OpenID or if you already have an account at liz_marcs.
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AAAAAAAAH! I Told You Mount Washington Was Evil!

Mount Washington tried to kill two people!

I knew it! I knew all along that Mount Washington was evil!

According to the Boston Globe two guys rode an avalanche 800 feet down the mountain side when they got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Check out the oh-so-helpful and not-at-all-terrifying diagram from the Globe:

Photo via The Boston Globe from the U.S. Forestry Service.

I just have one thing to say about this...