May 31st, 2009


This is How You Lose Hearts and Minds: One Murder at a Time

It's all over the Web by now that Dr. George Tillman was murdered in church today.

Yes. In church. In front of his wife, who was in the choir, and in front of his fellow parishioners.

WWJD, indeed.

[info] - communityontd_political is all over it.

Be sure to read the comments. There's some important information in there, including comments from a couple of Dr. Tillman's grateful patients. These were desperate men and women who didn't want an abortion, but needed to have an abortion because carrying to term would result in a dead woman, or a fetus so riddled with birth defects or genetic disease that if it wasn't going to be born dead it was going to die shortly thereafter in unbelievable pain.

Look up anencephaly and harlequin fetus as prime examples. I dare you to keep down dinner when you do. (No. Not linking to definitions, because it's triggering on a massive, massive scale.)

Their testament to Dr. Miller's compassion and kindness, to the professionalism of him and his staff, to the fact that this brave man was willing to help them in their hour of need when no other doctor would, is a fitting epitaph for a man whose epitaph was written too soon.

But I'm not going to talk about it, and instead let the information talk for itself.

Because this, this right here, is how you turn people against you. You do it one murder, and one act of terrorism, at a time.

This is how people see you for what you really are.

See, it's not even a bet that it's going to come out that the alleged shooter is connected to Operation Rescue.

Not. Even. A. Bet.

I know these people. I know these people from waaaaaaay back.

I suppose I should thank 'em, because they're the reason why I'm militantly pro-choice today.

Too bad people had to wind up dead for me to see the light, right?

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Make no mistake: I did not come to this pro-choice stance easily or happily. I came to it out of sheer self-defense and in defense of the women around me, even for those women who disagree and would call me a depraved murderer to my face for simply being pro-choice.

This pro-choice stance has caused friction with my family, and the abortion debate remains the one subject that's never, ever discussed. Every time we try it ends in screaming and tears. So, in the name of family harmony, we agree to not agree and say nothing at all.

Ironically enough, it's my mother who's at the opposite extreme. Both my brother and my father fall in the mushy middle, I think. Don't like it. Don't approve. But then again, they're not women, so what the hell do they know? So, let's throw in "it should stay legal" and leave it at that.

Word of warning here: I've got the work week from hell coming up, so I may or may not respond. Not because I don't give a shit, but because I just don't have the time.

Also, you're not going to convince me that I'm in the wrong here. If years of Catholic School didn't do it, and if my mother can't do it, and if debating back and forth with myself on the issue for years didn't do it, you sure as hell aren't going to succeed.

So think on that if you're tempted to let loose both barrels.

Also: Any abusive comments to myself or any other responder will be screened and reported. So if you're going to disagree, make damn sure you're polite about it. And even if you do agree, threats of violence is going to land you in the same hot water.

I'm biased, and I'm not afraid to show it.

ETA: I knew it. I knew it. I totaly called Operation Rescue bobbing up in Dr. Tillman's murder like a bloated corpse.
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