June 10th, 2009


Remember that Deparment of Homeland Security Report that Had Republicans' Panties in a Bunch?

Notice how they're not terrorists when they're armed and dangerous white guys with a right-wing ideology and calling themselves "Christian"?

Notice that?

Independent journalist David Neiwert has been warning us for awhile now eliminationist violence was primed to pop off as soon as two conditions were met:

  • the economy tanking
  • a president who had a "D" after his or her name (the fact that in 2008 either a woman or a black guy was going to get the job was extra-special-sauce)

How many instances of right-wing violence have we seen this year, starting with the shooting attack on the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church almost a year ago by a rightwingnut, and now this latest outrage at the Holocaust Memorial Museum?

Notice where these cowards always attack? Churches. Memorials. Holy spaces. Places where normally people would feel safe-ish.

Repeat after me:

When you make threats of violence, when you carry out threats of violence, and promise that more threats of violence are forthcoming unless your demands/desires are met, we call that terrorism. (No one missed the threat issued by Dr. Tiller's assassin that more anti-abortion violence was in the offing, right?)

I'm thinking it's time we start calling them by their real names: Terrorists.

And while I am a good Progressive who loves Civil Liberties and believes that Guantánamo Bay and Other U.S. Torture Chambers need to be closed, the blood-thirsty animal part of me wants to give these white Christianists a taste of what we've been putting Brown People through for the past 6 to 8 years.

However, as a good Progressive who loves Civil Liberties and believes that Guantánamo Bay and Other U.S. Torture Chambers need to be closed, I'll settle for a life without parole in solitary confinement in a federal supermax prison in a cell with a perfect view.

And I'm sick and tired of all the rightwing commentators playing, "Don't blame me!" Fuck it. I am blaming you because you keep calling the people who disagree with you anti-American and comparing them to fatal diseases. What the fuck did you think was going to happen? And the fact you beat the victim drum even louder whenever someone calls you on your bullshit is causing a feedback loop with even more armed and dangerous nutcases.

Shit, Shepard Smith on FOX News has been calling out the bullshit spewed on his own network. What's more is that he's been doing it for quite awhile. People are speculating when he's going to find himself pinkslipped and on the street.

Goddamn, I knew when Obama got into office that it was going to be bad, but I'm feeling mightily overwhelmed right now.

But if these mooks were expecting me to be scared, it backfired.

Right now I'm pissed.
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