March 8th, 2010


Moving Around Some FList-y Furniture

This was somewhat sparked by the surprising discovery that I had accidentally banned two real people from my El-Jay (I've sent IMs of apology to those people) and not realized I had done that:

I'm desperately trying to clean up my FList on no less than four Journaling Sites and desperately trying to work it so that the majority of individual-people journals are on two journaling sites (the other sites I'm maintaining the accounts for archiving purposes and to comment on communities).

So, you might see me popping up as unfriending you in one place, but adding you as a friend/adding you to my circle in another place. For those people I've already friended on LJ where LJ is still your main journal, I may have simply dropped you from the other service(s) and have maintained you on my LJ FList.

If I've friended you in the wrong place (i.e., your main journal is really at LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, or InsaneJournal), please drop me a line at the Dreamwidth link below to let me know where you'd prefer me to be friending you.

What this boils down to is that I don't enough time in the day, and I'm starting to read things in triplicate.

At the same time, I'm also not going to get all high-handed and insist that I am moving over to X-Y-Z Journaling Site and if you don't go there, I'm not ever going to read you again. People have got very good reasons for maintaining their journaling site wherever they see fit (whether that's LJ, IJ, or DW), and it's not for me to question that.

Hell, I'm maintaining a presence on four journaling sites for various reasons (it would've been 5 had GreatestJournal not tanked), and that doesn't count the sites I use for professional/RL Internet presence.

So you can see the why of the moving furniture.

Remember, if I've friended you on the "wrong" journalizing services (i.e., not your main journal), click on the Dreamwidth link below to let me know where you'd prefer that I friend you.

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A Productive Day...Just Not At Work

However, a very productive day on Facebook.

I found a long, lost relative that I've been dying to find and said relative didn't threaten to stuff me in a canon and shoot me to the moon. In fact, said relative seemed pleased that I pinged her via message and invited me to keep in contact.

I also Fanned a page dedicated to some theoretical high school class reunion for my high school class, which has my actual classmates on it.


I have no friggnig clue, especially since I didn't give a flying fuck about 90% of my high school classmates when I actually went to school with them. I think it's morbid curiosity to see what these people are doing with their lives, because I've got zero interest in paying good money to hang out with any of them and talk about the rotten ol' days over a theoretical dish of rubber chicken.

Ah, who am I kidding.

I just posted this to show off my shiny new Mythbusters Icon. GIP!
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