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Scribblings by Lizbeth
A lie on the throne is a lie still, and truth in a dungeon is truth still.
September 4th, 2010 
FYI to anyone who is nervous:

I will NOT be cross-posting to Facebook nor Twitter under any circumstances whatsoever.

On the Facebook front:

I hate Facebook with the passion of a thousand firey nuns, but I have one under my RL name to maintain my link to professional contacts, hometown contacts, and family members. If I had a better option, I'd take it and run.

While I'm not exactly posting porn here, my involvement in fanfiction (even as mainstream vanilla as my fanfiction tends to be) would result in some veeeeeeery uncomfortable questions. While I've made the switch from publishing to the Jolly Green Giant (which more resembles Better of Ted in sheer geeky quirky-ness on some days), I spent most of my professional life in publishing, I still have professional contacts in that field, and there's always a chance I'll end up back in that biz at some point before I die. So linking my RL identity to my LJ one? Aaaaaawwwwwk-ward to explain, to say the least.

Needless to say, Facebook will NOT be linked to this LJ. Ever.

On the Twitter front:

I don't have Twitter since I don't see the need for it. Unless I'm compelled to do so for professional reasons (which is a possibility), I have no plans on getting one.

If that does happen, all my reasons for not linking to Facebook would hold equally true for Twitter.

My Guarantee to You: I will not be linking my comments to Facebook or Twitter

As I haven't given LJ any Twitter or Facebook information, this is not a hard promise to keep. To double your security, I've even removed the option to do so at my end by installing a Greasemonkey script (instructions here) that hides the options in my browser.

I'd also install the CSS script to remove it from the LJ end, but I know shit-all about CSS script and where to put the stupid thing. The instructions aren't exactly enlightening on that front. As soon as I figure it out, though, I will be installing the script to make this LJ more secure.

Unpopular Time: I am using Pingbacks

If the notification was public, I'd disable them in a heartbeat. However, the notification comes in as a screened comment, and I like having the information just as an FYI for me. (I've lost count how many times people have stumbled across this LJ because of "some old post" they came across on their FList.)

You will never see who is linking to me, nor will you be outed as linking to me if you chose to do so. However, I thought it fair warning to put this out there since I will be using this feature.

You know, back in the day I created my online Lizbeth Marcs persona so that I could freely gallivant around teh Internets and participate in whatever I wanted without fear of RL or professional repercussions.

End result? Lizbeth Marcs as a very, very, very long history on the Internet (Google never forgets), and my online history with my RL name is very, very, very small. There are only a handful of people I've interacted with online who know my real name, for which I am very, very, very grateful.

Turns out in the long run, using a nom de Internet and being vigilant about keeping my parallel lives separate was the smartest thing I've ever done.

Pee. Ess. — I have added the CSS code to prevent commenters from cross-posting to Twitter or Facebook. Unfortunately, there are some caveats, but it's better than nothing. Much thanks to annearchy for for explaining everything.
Pride and Prejudice_Darcy_Excited
Cee Lo finally put out the official video for "Fuck You", which kind of makes me love him so much.

Aside from those catchy Motown licks that make me buttdance in my seat, this video is so unbearably cute that it makes me giggle like a schoolgirl.

I want to draw hearts around this song and video. Seriously.

Not Safe For Work, obviously....

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