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Scribblings by Lizbeth
A lie on the throne is a lie still, and truth in a dungeon is truth still.
May 1st, 2011 
The Remix is live!

And I am truly humbled by the remix I got.

Where the Boys Are (The Barbie Dream House Remix) is...

*waves hands*

I don't have words.

WARNING before you go read. A brutal rape plays very heavily in this story.

The remixer took on Cuckoo in the Nest, or rather, a portion of it. The subject is "what happened to Jessica in the frathouse while Tony was on his camping trip".

The remixer doesn't mince words about just how awful it was, nor does he or she mince words that it was brutal, ugly, and left Jessica with life-time trauma. While I've never been able to get my arms around Jessica in Cuckoo in the Nest, the remixer adds depth to what is admittedly a paper-thin characterization. What's in the remix makes whole lot of emotional sense to me, and even convinced me that I was wrong about a point in my own damn story.

I've waiting for years for someone to remix Cuckoo in the Nest, but I've always been someone terrified that the remixer would manage to turn in something...not good. I've more than once thought about putting on "safe story" as a result, but have always backed away from doing so.

This year was no different, and this year I'm very glad I didn't.

It's a tremendously well-written and unblinking piece about Jessica's own private hell, and I would recommend reading it. (Or avoiding it if rape is a trigger.)

So, thank you anonymous remixer, for a really great companion piece.
Go me!

I managed to at least get one of my Remix Madness stories posted, despite the weirdness of my weekend.

I wanted to do three, but the one I did took longer than I thought.

*iz giddy*
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