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OmiGawdOmiGawdOmiGawd: INKHEART! *squeeeee*

I am not at all in a spammy mood today. Not. At. All.

See, I just found out that the awesome Inkheart by Cornelia Funke is being turned into a film.

*dances happily in cubical like a loon*

And it's going to star Brendan Fraser as Mortimer Folchart/Silvertongue (the good-guy father who's on the lam).

*whoops loudly and causes co-workers to stare at me*

This book is made of awesome. Funke is just a freakin' magical writer. (Here's the Official Cornelia Funke US Fan Site.)

If you like Harry Potter, you will adore Cornelia Funke. If you don't like Harry Potter for whatever reason, you'll at least like these books.

Back in my Bordersverse days, I was always pushing Funke off on anyone I could. She's been big in Germany quite awhile, at least from what I understand. Scholastic (the last indpendent publishing house in the U.S. and also publishers of Harry Potter, Goosebumps, and Captain Underpants) have been steadily releasing her translated books into the U.S. market over the past couple of years.

Her books are definitely worth getting for yourself, let alone if you've got pre-teens and early teen kids.



With Brendon Fraser!!!!!!


*passes out from joy*

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