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The joy of 1G flash drives...and the agony of MP3 file-loss

What on earth did I do before I got my hands on a 1G Memorex Travel Drive? I bought it yesterday at Staples for $25 and already I'm wondering how I could possibly go so long without my little friend.

I can now transfer MP3 files between all the various computers I use without sweating it out. Yayness! Honestly, I'd need a much bigger travel drive than 1G to move every MP3 file I've got (at least 20G to 30G), but 1G is good enough for now.

*snort* I said "for now." I can't believe that.

I remember the days when computers had no hard drives and all media was stored on floppy disks that could contain 360K maximum.

I've turned into such a greedhead for media storage.

I blame the MP3s.

Speaking of which, my 256MB Rio Forge Sport kicked it after 2 years. (No, I have no idea why it died). I was a little pissed since I paid $159.00 for it at the time. For that amount of money, I expected it to last longer. *grrrrr*

Imagine my pleasure/pain when I found out that I could get a 1G Creative Zen Nano for $69.00, and that's before the $10 rebate.

Fuck iPod. Seriously. That shit's just waaaaaay overpriced. A 1G iPod Nano is $149.00, comes with special product-specific batteries, and does not get FM radio. Nor can you record directly from a CD right into the player.

Yeeeaaaahhhhh. I think I'll pass on paying for the brand name, thanks, and go with the MP3 player with the good rep and will have me out-of-pocket for one-third the cost. Plus, I get FM radio and the ability to record directly from CD into the player itself (hell-ooooo Ramones and They Might Be Giants). There is no bad here.

So....much goodness for me to be had on the MP3 front.

Except, as some of you know who've tried to download files from the Multifandom Character Mini-Soundtrack Project, the entire project crashed and burned this week when SaveFile went completely down. All files were lost.

Since many of MP3 tags and file names were a mess anyway, and since I've been fixing up the tags and file names on my own harddrive, I'll refresh the whole thing over the next week or two. The file names should be a little bit cleaner for future downloads.

I'll announce the refreshed characters as I go along re-uploading files.

Thanks for your patience on the MP3 file loss. (Thanks for data_warrior for the heads-up about the SaveFile crash.)

Also, finally started re-watching Homicide: Life on the Street S5. Still at the beginning before the Mahoney arc and still in the Pembleton's recovery arc.

Oh, Timmy, Timmy, Timmy. Frank's right. Why the hell should he treat you any better after the stroke than he did before?

Is it me? Or does Meldrick's character just keep getting more and more awesome on repeated viewings of Homicide? He's almost even with Bayliss and Pembleton at this point for sheer woobieness for me.

*kicks Homicide/post-'Chosen' BtVS crossover idea back in the dark corner of my hard drive where it belongs never to see the light of day*

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