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Cool links for the day...

I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed in RL particular reason oddly enough.

I suspect the beginning of autumn allergy season may be part of it. People at work are already hurting allergy-wise, which means the plantlife in the Boston area have already started dying off or are starting to go into hybernation mode. Joy. Summer lasted one month and was ungodly hot. I'm pretty sure we've stolen someone else's weather this year. Summer used to be 2-and-half months with one week of hot in August. Two years running with this odd summer weather makes me uneasy.

Luckily, my allergies aren't bad. It's usually marked by a case of dry eyes, draggy feeling, the desire to sleep for 12 hours at a time, and a drop in appetite. I've been pretty much crawling into bed at an ungodly early hour after I get home from work and eating not all that much. The only good thing (if you can call it that) is that I appear to have dropped some poundage since my new jeans are fitting on the loose side. But dropping weight because you're not eating properly...bleh...not good.

I'll have to pick up some honey from the Farmer's Market this weekend since I'm out of the local stuff right now. Much as Ecalyptus-flavored honey tea sounds delicious, I need a dose of the local stuff to take the edge off and maybe get my energy up to the point where I don't feel I'm getting overwhelmed.

On the happy front, I am in for a feast of Bruce Campbell. I have Bubba Ho-Tep at the house and the first two discs of Brisco County Jr. are en route even as I write. Yayness! I need Bruce goodness!

After whining for no good reason I can see, I'm gonna leave you with some cool links:

Katrina Anniversary
The anniversary of Katrina slamming into the Gulf Coast is on everyone's mind (as it should be). My sympathies to everyone who lost family, friends, and homes beneath the floodwaters.

The RudePundit (as the name implies, most of the language in this blog is not worksafe) has returned to his his hometown roots in New Orleans. Today he finished his photo essay series and reporting on New Orleans One Year Later. Links to the various parts (Please note that the Katrina-New Orleans links ARE WORKSAFE.):

You might recall that over Christmas the Rude One went home for the holidays and documented in excruciating detail with pictures how the entire region is still in dire straights.

After a year of leaving the Gulf Coast looking like a war zone in a third-world nation, insomnia has decided to do something about it.

insomnia is asking people to "to collect first-hand experiences of Katrina survivors for both during the storm and the year-long aftermath. He asks:

"...please, give me your stories to share with others. Your firsthand perspective. Your frustrations. Your thoughts on what is important and helpful to you, and what is not. Your news of grassroots efforts to rebuild New Orleans, its citizen's lives, and its communities.

In a very real sense, I am encouraging New Orleanians to be co-contributors to this site, and to use whatever visibility I might have in order to ideally draw more attention to your issues. I reserve my right as editor, but I will do my best to make sure your stories get heard.

Most importantly, I'm not asking for you to contribute news and stories on some sort of arbitrary anniversary that will be forgotten until next year, but rather, I welcome contributions from the people of New Orleans for as long as you think it might help make a difference in rebuilding your lives, your communities, and your city, and for as long as there's a problem or a solution we can draw people's attention to. We need this as long as there's something all of us out here can do to help. We need this until New Orleans is whole again."

Xander: The Love and the Hate
There are some who say that Spike is the most divisive character in Buffy fandom. I call bullshit on that. (Most) People can be reasonable when discussing Spike's good points and flaws. I have to say that after several years of online fandom, I say taht Xander is the most divisive character in Buffy fandom. There are people who still hate the character for failing to be in love with Willow during Season 1, for heavens sake.

The deliciously evil lusciousxander has gifted us with a perfect illustration of this phenominon with her short-and-sweet encapsulation of every pro- and anti-Xander argument ever used in fandom. Come. Read. Nod in recognition. Cringe in recognition. Laff your ass off. Then give love. So dead-on-target true (not to mention hilarious) that you'll be able to mouth the words.

Share the Love
soundingsea is holding an anonymous lovefest. Drop by. Ask for love. Give love. It's all anonymous. The point is to perform a random act of kindness and increase the good karma for everyone on LJ. Share the love.

Finally, nwhepcat could use a little more direct lovin' (not to mention chicken soup). Give her a Get Well message here if you're so inclined.

About that Chart Thing at the Bottom of This Post
A few people have been asking about the new "Now Playing" chart that's at the bottom of some of my posts.

It's a cool little link thing from my account on LastFM. I've used the basic (and FREE) service for the past year with absolutely no problems. There are paid options, which allow for greater customization of streaming music you can hear on their site. However, even at the free level, the Recommendation Radio stream totally rocks. Then again, I have scrobbed almost 6,000 individual tracks to the site since I signed on last year, so it's probably no big shock that my Recommendation Radio steam is actually pretty accurate.

Give it a try!

Now Playing:

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