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Not ded yet...

Ahhhh, it seems I can't get nearly enough sleep these days...I've been clocking 12 hours at a stretch.

That and I've been picking at something which, frankly, is taking me into territory I'm not sure I'm comfortable with. Hence, this is why some of you who've offered to help with a certain something haven't heard from me beucase I've been tearing apart certain things and sewing them back together. Part of it is sanding the rough edges off, part of it is worrying about going too far, part of it is pulling hard on the reins and reeling it back in.

Why, helllooooo Id Girl!

Guess you're still lurking after Cuckoo in the Nest and a certain dream sequence in Facing the Heart in Darkness. Please go away. You're enjoying the mess I'm in way too much.

*brings out baseball bat*

It appears Id Girl and I need to have a serious discussion. Id Girl is making my life difficult. Thank God it's my hands that control the keyboard.

Needless to say, between sinking into a 12-hour sleep pattern, life has also been interrupted by more than a few attempts to scrub my brain with a Brillo pad and a dose of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

On the good front, the 'rents with bro came in today and we saw The Illusionist. It's a cross between historical drama, mystery, political intrique, with a splash of romance and a touch of noir. I'm describing it all stupid, I know, but the movie is almost impossible to describe. Like the best magic tricks, give one part away, and the whole thing falls to pieces.

Plus, Ed Norton. Do you really need another reason?


Tinkering. Email to be sent. The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. to clean the palate.

Question for those of you who saw The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. first run: Is "what the hell am I watching?" an acceptable response to the pilot?

And am I leaning in the correct direction if I assume that the man calling himself 'Brisco County Jr.' isn't actually 'Brisco County Jr.' and that the real Junior is back at Harvard? Am I wrong to guess that the man calling himself by that name is actually a Harvard classmate of the real Brisco County Jr. who decided to hop a train to San Francisco to become a law man? Am I out of my tree for suspecting this by the middle of the pilot episode?

Also, is it me, or has Bruce Campbell's acting abilities vastly improved since his Brisco County Jr. days? Holy Cow, there were serious issues in the pilot. Thank God for John Astin and his always awesome presence. Short of throwing in a few brain-eating zombies with jetpacks and pogo sticks, John Astin makes everything better.

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