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YAY! New BSG! Old Brisco County Jr.

Damn, I miss this show.

If you haven't checked out the first Webisode of The Resistance, then why are you reading this?

Seriously, people. Go. Watch.

It's Cally, and Chief, and Tigh! YAY! And new characters! YAY!

I ruv Ron Moore. He's such a fanboi in his way.

Also, I have made up my mind about The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. even though I've only watched up to the second episode.

I love this show. I am in serious love with this show. I don't even like Westerns, but this show is just hits me square perfect.

Bruce Campbell's acting is a 100% improvement over the pilot, too. He is so totally The Man.

My continuing and growing love for Bruce Campbell (and Brisco) may be due in part to rewatching the pilot with the commentary on. It was actually interesting commentary. And edumacational, especially when Campbell started dropping all these cool bits about the history of Hollywood, Warner Brothers, and westerns.

Not to mention the man has a brain like a rolodex. He was dropping the names of the behind-the-scenes people like crazy and how they did their jobs ranging from stunt work to wrangling the horses. He also kept pointing out all the character actors that were in the pilot and rattling off their résumés like a total fanboi.

Contrast to my reaction when seeing the pilot without commentary: "Hey! I think it's that guy! What's his name?"

Since I've read If Chins Could Kill, all of the awesome patter out of Campbell shouldn't have surprised me, yet somehow the sheer awesomeness of it blew me away anyway.

Okay...I have to toddle off to bed now.

I had to inflict share my BSG and TABCJr on y'all.

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